Course of Study


The college has three years degree(B.A.) program me along with Major and Pass course

D. Combination of subject in TDC course in semester scheme :

Students can offer major in any one of the following subject

1. English 2.  Assamese 3. Economics 4. Political Science

Major Course:

Combination of subjects allowed

A. English

B. MIL (Assamese)

C. Students offering Major in English will have to choose any one of the following subjects

1)Economics 2)Political science,3)Education,4)History,5)Assamese second language,6) Geography.

D. Student offering Major in Assamese(MIL) will have to choose any two of the following subjects.

1)Economics,2)Political science,3) Education,4)History,5) Assamese second language,6) Geography.

E. Students offering Major in subject other than languages will have to choose any one of the following subjects


1)Economics,2)Political science,3)Education,4)History,5)Assamese second language,6) Geography.


General Course:


English,MIL/Alternative English.

Elective Assamese, Education, Political Science, Economics, History, Geography & Alt. English.


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