Uniform & Rule Regulation


 College Uniform:

Boys: White Shirt and black trouser. Black sweater in winter.

Girls: Muga or Muga colour mekhela, white blouse and Chaddar with blue-border or white salwar kameez and sky blue dupatta. Black sweater in winter.

Rule and Regulation of the College:

1. Students are not allowed to use cell Phone inside the college campus.

2. Students have to wear college uniforms to attend classes & examinations.

3. Students without uniform will not be allowed to attend class.

4. Identity cards will be issued to students. The Students of BA 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th semester will have to renew the cards in every semester. The students must keep the Identity cards with them during college hours and produce them on demand by the Principal or any lecturer of the college and office staff.

5. The students must appear the sessional examination conducted by the college. No application seeking exemption from appearing the sessional examination will be entertained. Nobody will be allowed to appear in the final examination without appearing the sessional examination.


Regular attendance is compulsory. Minimum 75% attendance in each subject of a student is required to be eligible to appear in the examination. Students with 60% attendance can appear in the examination by paying a fine as a non-collegiate student; students with below 60% attendance will be treated as dis-collegiate and will not be allowed to appear in the examination.

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